Contractor Building Company, located in Silesia, has been making industrial floors for years both in Poland and abroad. During our long practice, we have executed numerous projects, particularly in places where special production processes take place. Due to the variety of industries to which we provide our services, we offer a wide range of modern surfaces. The technology adopted for a given flooring often depends on the investor’s production capacity. We make an effort to meet our customers’ expectations by considering all their requirements.

We manufacture:

– Concrete floors in several versions: with Monile top layer, with the top layer made of MONEPOX epoxy resins, with the surface hardened with mineral binders. Every type of those surfaces is used in a different industry sector due to different properties such as: tensile strength, resistance to external factors, performance (slip resistance, easy cleaning).

– Resin floors (epoxy and polyurethane). Laying this type of floor on the ground protects the surface against mechanical damage, wear, elements, and aggressive chemicals. We offer Monopur system products, used as high-tensile surfaces and surfaces for areas exposed to aggressive chemicals e.g.: rooms with atmoses and brewing boilers exposed to thermal shock. This floor type is perfect also for wet rooms, where it guarantees safety and creates an effective working area. We also manufacture products that are often used by the food, meat, and dairy industry, by various halls and warehouses. The most important advantage of each epoxy surface is its unique tensile strength and chemical resistance.

– Methacrylic floors DURACON are unique fast-binding systems that enable quick making of even and smooth surfaces. Their distinct feature is perfect levelling, which is particularly important for the surfaces for medium and heavy traffic. Our unique system may be used in all indoor areas, e.g. in: factories, warehouses, cold stores, production rooms, garages, shops, exhibition areas, on ramps.

–Ready Rep repair systems for concrete and other industrial floors.

Our products have appropriate certificates, ISO 9001 technical approvals, in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system and EU norms. We employ excellent professionals who specialise in the application of different floor systems. Each of them has a certificate that proves the completion of special courses.