MONILE floor system

was designed mainly for the food industry, especially where the floor is in permanent contact with water, i.e. in meat processing facilities, slaughterhouses, breweries etc. MONILE is a combination of a polyacrylate copolymer, coloured and modified with a hydraulic binder, with a quartz filler.
The size of the filler particles was specially chosen to provide maximum resistance. MONILE is waterproof, anti-slip, resistant to acids and bases that are usually used in the food industry, as well as to oils, fats, oxidants, cleaning agents etc.

MONILE does not contain any toxic substances but has excellent physical properties. Therefore it is the best coating for concrete in many industries.

MONILE industrial floors have anti-slip properties confirmed in tests conducted by the Institute of Construction Engineering, which determined that MONILE floor has an accepted angle of 36º + – 1.1º( it is an angle in which a man standing on a sample poured over with oil starts to feel uncertain. This puts this type of floor among those with the highest anti-slip resistance R-13).

Its anti-slip properties make MONILE recommendable for use in such places as: slaughterhouses, fat melting facilities, food oil refineries, areas where variety meats and intestines are processed, food processing facilities, rooms with sticky leftovers, and where due to the use of fats, oil, water, leftovers, plant waste, in the production process there is a high risk of slipping.