Polyurethane MONOPUR

Polyurethane industrial floors MONOPUR

They are uniquely resistant to a wide range of damaging chemical substances, including organic acids and solvents. System MONOPUR is also highly resistant to sudden and frequent temperature changes, aggressive agents, and heavy traffic.

This is a perfect solution in wet rooms. Their unique properties and easy cleaning ensure the required level of safety and hygiene. In wet processing areas polyurethane flooring often requires difference of levels that enables draining water.

This type of surface is used in: breweries, drink factories, wine and juice bottling plants, slaughterhouses, bakeries, galvanising plants, battery factories, carwashes, tank manufacturing plants, and in the pharmaceutical industry.

The offered industrial floor MONOPUR is between 3 mm and 9 mm thick, depending on the required thermal resistance (between 600 C and 1400 C).